On Christmas night, in the snow, on the porch of my childhood home Scott told me I was pretty and asked me to marry him.  Words clearly cannot express how excited I am, not only to be engaged but to spend the rest of my life with someone I completely adore and never thought I'd find. 

I wanted to share my GORGEOUS ring with you!  The center ring is made out of rose gold and the diamond is my great grandmothers. She was an incredible woman and an inspiration to everyone in our family.  My great grandma left her engagement ring to my mom when she passed away and my mom passed it on to me.  The settings on her ring was old and worn, so it was placed on a new rose gold band and an exact match to her setting was remade for mine.   The two adorning bands are of course just there to add a little more sparkle.  Oddly enough I love having options, someday's I wear them all, someday's I wear one, and much to Scott's dismay someday's I wear none. 

Let the planning begin...or not!
Where Scott proposed!

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