After a long day I pulled into the driveway and there on my porch was a very large box.  I wasn't expecting anything and didn't recognize who it was from.  My initial thought what "oh s*#$ what NOW".  Growing up the ginger haired baby of the family, automatically assuming I'm guilty of something is second nature to me because typically I was indeed guilty!  Quickly I whipped out my pink swiss army knife key chain, wasting no time of course, and cut into the box.  After a quick trip for a bandaid as a result of my skill-less knife skills I was into the box.  As soon as I saw the color I instantly knew what it was, vintage mason jars.  Of course I also knew who they were from, my mom.  I have wanted these for so long and just never ran across them.

The very next day I headed out to buy some flowers to fill them with and set out on my table.  They were stunning.  The bright flowers in the simply beautiful mason jar was a perfect addition to my rustic dining room table.  Please tell me it's normal to have over 20 photos of flowers in mason jars on your phone.  Please also tell me it's normal to look at them at least once a day and smile?  It's official I'm turning into my mother, only a much more tech savy version of her.  

Happy SPRING, Enjoy!
One day last week as I