I was going to start this blog off by telling you how much I love baker's twine.  Followed by telling you I'm slightly obsessed with it.  Then I realized I say that about everything.  I can't help it I'm a craft whore.  I dream of the day I have a craft room where there is one cabinet dedicated to beautiful rows of colorful baker's twine. 
Hey, a girl can dream.

Here are some craft ideas I found using baker's twine.  Have any ideas, share them with me!
Baker's twine easter eggs by LandeeSeeLandeeDo.
Lollipop card by J. Day Designs.  

This card is absolutely adorable, it will take .5 seconds after my mother sees this card before she is digging through her pantry for bakers twine to make a set of cards.  
Multi-color lollipop card from Bling it on by Darla Weber.
Bakers twine gift wrap by Black White side by side.
Baker's twine gift wrap by The Letter Lady.
Banner made using baker's twine by Holly Dolly.
Wedding escort cards hung from bakers twine by The Knotty Bride.
Baker's twine wrapped jars by Holly Dolly.
Baker's twine wreath by Buckets of Grace.
Baker's twine tassel by Momtastic.
Baker's twine butterfly card by The Twinery.
Baker's twine crocheted flowers by Crescendoh.com
Check out all these colors available at The Twinery.
Halloween Twine by Timeless Twin available at Bella Creationz.
I have to admit every time I walk by the appliance section in any store I used to roll my eyes at the sight of all the kitchen gadgets you could buy now.  Donut maker, cupcake maker, pie pop maker, whoopie pie maker, and the list goes on and on.  It almost felt like we were loosing the art of actual baking, everything has become so simplified there really is no skill involved.

Insert foot into mouth...then I received a BabyCakes cake pop maker for my birthday.  I have to say when I opened the package I was actually really excited.  It was something I would never buy myself and quite frankly I only make cake pops once in a great while because of the time involved.  My life is now forever changed.

Can I just tell you how much time and sweat I save by this glorious invention.  First off if your looking for the traditional cake pop, baked cake blended with frosting, this is not it.  These are actual little balls moist delicious cake.  It was so simple, I sat there amazed at how easy it was and how quickly I was finished.

Here is my first attempt at using the machine.  I must admit...gasp...I used a boxed cake mix.  It has been years since I even bought a box cake mix, and I felt like I was cheating on my kitchenaid mixer as I was buying it.  My boyfriend Scott had the nerve to be annoyed when he walked in and saw the box.  He is so spoiled and he doesn't even know it.  Anyway for a little more fun I added sprinkles to the mix.
Attempt one..Fail.  I overfilled the cups and baked for to long.
After my failed first attempt I decided to go with the squeeze bottle for the batter.  I always use a squeeze bottle to distribute batter when I'm making mini cupcakes and now with the BabyCakes machine.  It really makes getting the batter into the cups easier and more exact, also you end up spilling alot less.  I found that a little under 4 minutes, 3:45, worked best every time.

Tip: If you take to long in filling up the cups the machine starts to bake the already filled cups.  This causes them to overflow when you close the machine and the pops turn out uneven.
The fork that comes with the machine makes for easy removal and transfer to a cooling rack.
Perfect little pops!
Confession: To this day my hands down favorite ice cream is a soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles.  Before I moved to LA I used to order these cones with "eyes".  That's right you read it correctly eyes.  Sugar eyes staring back at me from a ice cream sprinkled mess. 

Perhaps even more embarrassing is my refined sprinkle palate.  I like my rainbow sprinkles to have a little crunch to them but not so much as to be confused with non-parelis.  It's jimmies all the way my friends.  There is a specific brand that I love, Mr. Sprinkles, which I cannot find anywhere on the west coast.  Thanks to my mother I now have a lifetime supply.  Come doomsday my house will be feasting on sprinkles and canned goods.

This blog post is dedicated to my childhood love, rainbow sprinkles. 
Soft serve ice cream cone & rainbow sprinkles from Pinterest.
Cake Batter Martinis by How Sweet it is.
The famous Magnolia Bakery hand colored sprinkles.
Sprinkle lined vase by tikkido.
Sprinkle donuts by Ohlalaland.
Ombre sprinkle nails by College Fashion, using Ciate' caviar nail polish.
Cake batter pancakes with sprinkles by How sweet it is.
DIY colored sprinkles by Such Pretty Things.
Sprinkle ring by stoopidgerl.
Homemade Sprinkles by TheKitchn.
Sprinkle pretzels by Savory Notes.
Sprinkle cake by Raspberri cupcakes.
Cupcake ATM by Sprinkles.
Thanks for the idea Sandy!  Instead of tossing rice at a wedding toss sprinkles by pinterest.
I'm not sure how or when my love for doily's started but lately it has turned into a full on obsession.  There is something so beautiful and delicate about them while having a very vintage feel. 

 Here are some of my favorite doily crafts.

Ladies Craft Night offers Paper Doily Cards as one of their Hosted parties.

Beautiful Doily Lamp is by More Design Please.
Doily Packaging by Vintage Handmade.
Lighted Doily Wreath by Martha Stewart.
Doily Cards by Paper Crave.
Doily Pillow by Cluck Cluck Sew.
Doily Chandelier by Martha Stewart.
Doily Votive Print Paper Cloth.
Doily Table Runner by Style Me Pretty.
Doily Wallpaper by Bloomerism.
Doily Nail Art by Hey, Nice Nails.
Doily Wedding Dress by Picture Perfect Designs.
It's happening...again!  We are celebrating the grand opening of Ladies Craft Night in Michigan.  I'm very excited to announce that this division will be run by Candi Sproat, one of the craftiest mommies I know.  Please join us for wine, crafts, food, raffles, and more.  All the details are below along with the link to our eventbrite page where you can purchase your tickets.

Date: August 11, 2012
Time: 5:00pm
Address: 1400 Irwin Drive, Waterford, Michigan 48327
Craft: Twine Wreath
Tickets: $20.00 available here.
*Wine tasting tickets will be available for purchase at the event.*

My baby pink Kitchenaid mixer was given to me as a Christmas gift from my mother 5 years ago.  My initial reaction to this gift... exactly what closet would I be able shove this, in my tiny one bedroom L.A. apartment? Of course one cheesecake later and I was in love, and I quickly began questioning how I ever survived without it.  Insert my mother's smug little smile and nodding head.  Now of course I consider this lovely little lady a staple of my kitchen decor and would never consider hiding her away in a closet.

Although my baby pink Kitchenaid will always be number one in my heart, I slightly wanted to fall over and die when I saw all of these gorgeous mixers.  So here they are some of my favorites!

Pink crystalized Kitchenaid mixer by Bling Diva Designs.
Beautiful custom painted mixer by Nicole Dinardo for Heather Lynn Photographie
Grey Leopard painted mixer by Nicole Dinardo.
Yellow Mod design by Nicole Dinardo.
Beautiful Damask design by Flip Flop Graphics.
After Thanksgiving this year I honestly considered my mixer an super hero.  Cool & Pink.