Life has been so hectic lately and we were of course running behind on gifts for fathers day.  One morning, the week, after I hauled myself out of bed at six in the morning and started up the glue gun.  There is nothing the like the smell of burning glue to get you moving in the morning.  Now I just needed to decide what to make, luckily we had some left over beer from a recent party.  Ta Da and it was decided, beer cake, what man doesn't appreciate beer stacked in the shape of a cake...exactly!


14 cans of beer
Foam board
Rubber bands
Glue Dots
Ribbon for base
Ribbon for bows

Step 1: Layout six beer cans on the foam board to create a circle.  I basically did a square to start off with then adjusted the shape a little. 
Step 2: Trace a rough outline around the beer cans, cut out a circle using scissors.
Step 3: Repeat for the second layer using 4 cans.  Repeat for the top layer using one can.
Step 4: Using the hot glue gun, run hot glue around the outside of each foam board layer.  Glue down desired ribbon and cut off excess.
Step 5: Glue dot each can to the foam board.
Step 6: Bind your beer cans together using one rubber band per layer.  The bottom layer using 6 cans around and one in the center, middle layer using 4 cans, and top layer using 1 can. 
Step 7: Glue dot each layer to the one below it.
Step 8: Tie ribbon around each layer and adorn with a bow.
LCN is thrilled to announce it has officially teamed up with Recipe For Disaster.  A southern California based company specializing in cakes and cupcakes.  They offer a wide range of including cookies and brownies.  Owner Lora's famous last works, "You name it and I'll bake it".  Check out some of her cakes, cookies, and cupcakes on our website by clicking here.  Or visit them on facebook by clicking here. 

We hope you look to them for all your southern California baking needs.  Here are some of the baked goodies Lora has made for LCN!
Ruffle Cake for a surprise 60th birthday party.  Top Layer: Pink Lemonade with red berry filling.  Bottom Layer: Chocolate cake with salted caramel filling.  Amazing.
Soft sugar cookies for the LCN Grand Opening!
LCN grand opening cake.  Top Layer: Vanilla bean cake with blackberry filling.  Bottom Layer: Pineapple cake with a mango filling.  It's so gorgeous I didn't want to eat it, but it was so good I couldn't stop myself from eating it!
Today, like most days, I find myself taking a moment to celebrate.  Not a moment to be sad,  but a moment to remind myself that I was and am lucky.  Lucky enough to have a man in my life that was head over heels in love with his wife.  A man that showed his kids every day that he loved them and they were one of his greatest accomplishments.  This is the man that got angry with me when he knew I could do better, but still let me at times fail but held my hand as I picked up the pieces.   He taught me compassion, a love for all living things, to enjoy life, that nothing could compare to a night at home with your wife and kids, we're never too old to learn something new, to go above and beyond, to stand my ground, and that every now and then a girl just needs to go fishing. 

I'm grateful for every moment I got to share with this man.  When our time was cut short I made a decision that when I started to feel sad and miss him I would remind myself that I was lucky.  Lucky to have him in my life even if for a short amount of time.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!
A mural painted in my dad's honor at Moose Tree Nature Center - Lake Orion, MI.
The kids & grandma in front of dad's wall.
Scott & I fell in love with this winery on our first trip to Temecula.  Originally it was their white port that had us sold, although we do still love the white port it's their amazing red wines that keep us coming back.  Naturally when we needed wine for our Grand Opening tasting we headed down to Wiens to pick three of our favorites.  It was such a hard choice but here's what we ended up picking:

2011 White CrowdedPineapples, pears, grapefruit, coconuts, and nectarines.  Pairs well with salads, seafood, poultry, and ham.

2010 Barbera
Sweet plum, violet, strawberry, and a bright cherry finish.  Pairs well with basil pesto pasta, lasagna, and pizza with artichokes.

Ruby Port
Black pepper, mocha, plum jam, and roasted chestnuts.  Great match for dark chocolate and the most decadent desserts.

If your ever in Temecula, Wiens is a must!

DIY Paper Medallion

I think paper medallions are absolutely stunning.  When I ran across a picture of a paper medallion wall hanging I was in love.  I set out to make a wall hanging to act as the back drop for my craft table, at the upcoming Ladies Craft Night Grand Opening!  Enjoy!

Scrapbook Paper
Bone Folder
Glue Gun
Paper Cutter/Scissors

Step 1: Start by cutting 2-4 even strips of craft paper.  I have made anywhere from 1inch to 6inch medallions.  The bigger the medallion the more strips you will need, smaller medallions only require 2 strips.  For this one I made a 2 1/2 inch medallion only requiring 2 strips.
Step 2: On the backside of your paper mark every 1/2 inch using a pencil.  These marks will act as a guideline when folding.
Step 3: Start folding each strip, carefully lining up each mark.  After folding use your bone folder to crease each fold, for a crisp & clean look.
Step 4: After folding all of your strips line the end of one strip with hot glue.  Attach this to the end of another strip and press firmly, trying to avoid any gaps in the paper.
Step 5: After all your strips are glued together flip your medallion over.  I like to glue in between each fold to secure the medallion.  Otherwise the medallion will stretch out and loose its shape.
Step 6: Get ready to giggle, instead of holding my medallion in place for a couple minutes until the glue hardens I turn to my trusty can of Diet Coke.  It's actually the perfect size and has enough weight to hold down the medallion without crushing it.
Step 7: Once the glue has hardened, you're done!  Flip it over and enjoy your beautiful work!
Medallion Wall Hanging: To make my wall hanging I used a piece of foam board.  It took me 23 medallions of all different shapes and sizes to cover the whole board.  Needless to say this was a bit time consuming, although well worth it.  After making all my medallions I then used the hot glue gun to glue them to the board. Great idea for parties and weddings!
"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe

Some of my favorite Marilyn photos;