I made this ribbon yo yo headband for Maya to go with her Candy Corn Onesie. There were some ribbon yo yo's left over so I attached them to her onesie for some added flare. These are so easy to make and look great on hairclips, bows, headbands, or ponytail elastics. Great way to make some cute handmade holiday hair accessories for your little ones.

Ribbon Yo Yo Headband

- Grosgrain Ribbon (4-6 inches)
- Needle & Thread (color matched to ribbon)
- Scissors
- Lighter

1. Cut your ribbon to your desired length, doesn't need to be very long.
2. Using the lighter quickly run along the ends of your ribbon. This will seal the ends and prevent them from fraying.
3. Thread your needle and knot the end.
4. Starting with the designed side of your ribbon weave the needle in and out of the ribbon along one side.
5. Scrunch the ribbon together tightly.
6. Turn your yo yo over, take your needle through the other end of the ribbon to attach both ends together, you should now have a circle.
7. Pull tight and knot off your thread.
8. Cut any extra thread off.

Now using hot glue you can attach this to a lined alligator clip, for instructions on lined clips see our tutorial here, or attach to a head band. For a double yo yo, create a second yo yo using a smaller width ribbon and the two yo yo's together.

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