Saying these past few days were "overwhelming" is an understatement!  I was overwhelmed with the amount of packing and moving we did in two short days.  I was overwhelmed that for the first time in almost 10 years I felt like I was home.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I feel every time I walk through our front door.  I was overwhelmed with pride as I watched Scott spend 15 minutes in home depot picking out a garden hose.  I was overwhelmed that dark wood floors show EVERYTHING and I will permantely have a broom attached to my hand from now on.  I was overwhelmed by just how many "collections" one man can accumulate.  I was overwhelmed with sadness when I remembered that I would never see my dad’s big smile come through the front door of this new home.  I was overwhelmed that all of a sudden this felt like a HUGE commitment, in terms of Scott & I's relationship.  I was overwhelmed by love, happiness, and support from our families.  I was overwhelmed that REALLY an all-purpose cleaner is not meant for all purposes.  I was mostly overwhelmed by how much I learned about myself in just two days.

After we looked at this house for the first time, we knew it was our home.  It wasn't easy getting to this point but at the end of the day if it's not worth fighting for it's not worth having.  Scott & I definitely did our share of "fighting for it" these past two years.  We made a choice to keep our heads up and not let any obstacle become a negative experience in our life.  Through it all we stood next to each other and never lost sight of what was most important.  I love him, I love our life, and I love our new home!

I hope to be blogging more soon and can’t wait to share more decorating & crafty home ideas with you,  but until then I will be unpacking ALL of these!