My baby pink Kitchenaid mixer was given to me as a Christmas gift from my mother 5 years ago.  My initial reaction to this gift... exactly what closet would I be able shove this, in my tiny one bedroom L.A. apartment? Of course one cheesecake later and I was in love, and I quickly began questioning how I ever survived without it.  Insert my mother's smug little smile and nodding head.  Now of course I consider this lovely little lady a staple of my kitchen decor and would never consider hiding her away in a closet.

Although my baby pink Kitchenaid will always be number one in my heart, I slightly wanted to fall over and die when I saw all of these gorgeous mixers.  So here they are some of my favorites!

Pink crystalized Kitchenaid mixer by Bling Diva Designs.
Beautiful custom painted mixer by Nicole Dinardo for Heather Lynn Photographie
Grey Leopard painted mixer by Nicole Dinardo.
Yellow Mod design by Nicole Dinardo.
Beautiful Damask design by Flip Flop Graphics.
After Thanksgiving this year I honestly considered my mixer an super hero.  Cool & Pink.