Life has been so hectic lately and we were of course running behind on gifts for fathers day.  One morning, the week, after I hauled myself out of bed at six in the morning and started up the glue gun.  There is nothing the like the smell of burning glue to get you moving in the morning.  Now I just needed to decide what to make, luckily we had some left over beer from a recent party.  Ta Da and it was decided, beer cake, what man doesn't appreciate beer stacked in the shape of a cake...exactly!


14 cans of beer
Foam board
Rubber bands
Glue Dots
Ribbon for base
Ribbon for bows

Step 1: Layout six beer cans on the foam board to create a circle.  I basically did a square to start off with then adjusted the shape a little. 
Step 2: Trace a rough outline around the beer cans, cut out a circle using scissors.
Step 3: Repeat for the second layer using 4 cans.  Repeat for the top layer using one can.
Step 4: Using the hot glue gun, run hot glue around the outside of each foam board layer.  Glue down desired ribbon and cut off excess.
Step 5: Glue dot each can to the foam board.
Step 6: Bind your beer cans together using one rubber band per layer.  The bottom layer using 6 cans around and one in the center, middle layer using 4 cans, and top layer using 1 can. 
Step 7: Glue dot each layer to the one below it.
Step 8: Tie ribbon around each layer and adorn with a bow.

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