This week Scott and I attended his dad's wedding. We were so happy for him and his new wife Karen. It was a great group of people and such a great time. After the ceremony all the guests boarded a dinner cruise in San Diego. I was so happy to see all the boats strung with christmas lights when we got there that I'm sure Scott felt like he was dealing with a small child.

Scott's cousin Amanda was there and we had a great time catching up. Her girlfriends get together every christmas and this year their gift theme was going to be "Pinterest" crafts. Amanda decided to make a burlap wreath and after she finished she sent me a photo. Immediately I had major craft jealousy! One day later there I was in Joann's buying burlap. I am now completely in love with my burlap wreath and everyone will absolutely love how quick and easy it is!

Burlap Wreath DIY

- Wire wreath form
- Burlap (it comes on a roll, typically in the floral department)
- Floral Wire

*Note: I used a little less than one roll of burlap. However some people use up to two depending on the size of their wreath and how many loops they make.
Using your floral wire attach the end of your burlap to the wire wreath frame.
Pull some burlap through the top section of your wire wreath frame.
Continue to make loops by pulling burlap through the sections of your wire wreath frame, working towards the center of the frame. You can make your loops as big or as little as you would like.
Twist and scrunch your burlap so it begins to look like ruffles. Then starting from the outside begin making loops of burlap working into the center of the frame. Twisting as you go.
My wreath frame was divided into 6 large sections. I used 6-7 loops of burlap per section. After you have finished, cut off any excess burlap and use the floral wire to attach the end of your burlap to the wreath.
I added holly berries to my wreath for winter that I found at Joann's for less than a dollar. I'm excited to change out the holly berries for other seasonal items throughout the year.
Amanda's burlap wreath!
Scott & I at the wedding.
Some of the boat lights!
Diane Barto
5/9/2014 09:55:00 pm

I just love it and it's so easy to made !

11/1/2014 10:05:14 am

Hi, I just came across your blog and instructions for the burlap wreath. Thanks for the insight. I have been making wreaths this Fall and have more requests for Christmas. Just a quick question, do you secure the loops with any wire after you have it completed or is it just looped, burlap twisted between the wires? My wreath is an 18" one so I think I will need another roll of the burlap to finish it.


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