If you've been on pinterest lately you couldn't miss the adorable Candy Corn Onesie by The Swell Life that has been pinned a thousand times.  As soon as I saw it I knew that it was a must for Maddie's fall wardrobe.  I made a t-shirt for Maddie and a onesie for her little friend Maya along with a cute headband, directions coming soon.  I only ruined one onesie before I was able to figure it out.  For the instructions click here.

Katie's Tips:
*Make sure to ring out your shirt or onesie.  If it's too wet the dye is more likely to spread quicker and father.
*The dye is going to travel, make your orange band first and wait a few minutes before dying your yellow band.  Start off with a smaller band, you can always add more dye. 
*Buy the one step dye kits, they are so easy and there is no mess to clean up!
*When drying lay flat....do not hang over a sink like I did.  The dye will continue to travel and ruin yet another shirt or onesie.  
*Buy an extra shirt/onesie :)

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