Story Time! It's the LCN Grand Opening - Michigan and the ladies have just finished up wrapping their twine.  They are now taking their wreaths over to the glue station to secure it.

Katie:  Grandma, would you like me to glue your twine down so you don't have to get up?
Grandma:   That depends...
Katie:   On what?
Grandma:   Are you going to do a good job?

That's right ladies and gentlemen, my grandmother may be 86 but she's a stickler for crafting perfection, and she's not afraid to call you out on it.   Hence her ability to see the gaps in my cousins twine from across the room.  However the proof is in the pudding.  Grandma wasn't able to finish her wreath at the party, but we sent her home with plenty of supplies to finish it up.  Two days later I get a picture on my phone and I almost fell out of my chair.  At 86 grandma just served all of us  "younger" ladies from the party, our asses on a royal craft platter, see below. 

Grandma's wreath is aboslutely gorgeous and puts us all to shame.  I was so impressed at the party watching her spend most of her time cutting out flower petals.  Each petal exact and perfectly shaped, she of course did this free hand without the help of a pattern.  I can just see her with those straight pins lining them up perfectly.  I expect nothing less from her and can only hope to be exactly like her at 86.  Enjoy!

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