It's no secret I love to shop and I'm extremely gifted when it comes to the art of spending money.  In fact the ease in which I am able to swipe my card is alarming.  Although thanks to my domestic partner Scott and our joint checking account I've had to learn to be "crafty" when it comes to making purchases go unnoticed.  I'm no expert but I'm thinking one of the keys to a happy marriage must be a Macy's credit card.  As long as I still have my Macy's card and as long as Scott is never able to see the bill, the rest must be cake...right?  Haha, as if that's not a dead giveaway to my unmarried status.

Needless to say I'm an oddball when it comes to shopping; as much as I love it I almost consider it a religious experience.  One I do not like to share.  That's right I like to go shopping alone.  Lucky Scott because in the past 7 years he has only had to endure this painful event once.  I've always been this way; it's like the one moment that I completely dedicate to myself.  I take as much or as little time as I like, I don't worry about anyone else's opinions, and I am able to make decisions with ease.  The only woman I typically include in this fun is of course my mother and as much as I don't like to admit it, I actually enjoy having her along. 

On a recent visit home we made our annual trip to one of the local department stores.  As soon as we walked in I spotted them.  A pair of Steve Madden rhinestone studded flats.  Their shape is a little retro shoe but the stones and studs make them completely obnoxious and completely me.  I happily added them to my collection and have put off wearing them, instead I've been admiring them on display in my room.  However that only lasted about a week until I broke them in and I'm even more in love with them today.  I may have also snagged a super cute Free People sweater...Cheers!

Shoes: Steve Madden Concord in Pewter
Sweater: Free People Earned Stripes Jacket in Natural / Charcoal

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