Thanksgiving has passed and two days later our tree was up! Usually after I'll spend a few hours lacing each branch with lights. I still haven't been able to bring myself to buy a prelit tree. I remember being little nd setting up our tree. That entire night was then dedicated to my father weaving strings and strings of lights around each branch. It's such a vivid memory that it a weird way stringing the lights on my own tree somehow makes me feel connected to him. Although I'm sure if he were here he'd tell me I was a fool and that prelit trees are the best invention since sliced bread!

Since I can remember we almost always had a fake tree because ornaments are a huge deal in my family. We used to drive to the biggest christmas store in Michigan every year and every year we'd pick out one new ornament. Now when we decorate my moms tree it is so fun to reminisce. My mother of course saved every ornament we every made, my personal favorite is the Elmer's glue blob with green and red glitter I made her in kindergarten. Since I moved to California it's been like starting over. Scott and I have slowly started collecting ornaments that we get as gifts every year. Here our some of my favorites!!!

My tree of course is adorned with a feather head dress. The pictures are of my grandfathers when they were in the Navy and the Army.
The first ornament I put on my tree this year. Maddie James's handprint made into a snowman family. We made these with her last christmas. For the next 7 days at bath time I could hear her mother cursing my name because she was still finding white paint in her hair and between her toes!
A buffalo for my mom because when we took a family trip out west in our can I became obsessed with buffalo!!!
A pierogi from my brother and sister in law. Celebrating my polish heritage!
A sushi roll I got for Scott in Salem when I was working on the east coast.
Glittered frog from my favorite cousin Candi!
The polar bear my cousins Jackie & Eric made me. It's dressed exactly like I was when I danced in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
Santa, reminds me of my mom because she loves her Santa ornaments.
Santa cop for Scotty!

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