Easy DIY steps to lining an alligator clip with ribbon. Lined clips give hair bows a clean and finished look as well as making it more comfortable to remove clips from your little ones hair.

1. Start off by quickly running the end of the ribbon over a flame. This seals the ends and prevents the ribbon from fraying.
2. Open the alligator clip and insert the ribbon end. Be sure to line it up with the opening down the center of the clip.
3. Run hot glue along the entire top of the clip.
4. Fold ribbon over and press together with bottom layer of ribbon. Be sure to seal the corners and line up the two layers of ribbon.
5. Flip the clip upside down.
6. Cut your ribbon to length and again seal the end of the ribbon over a flame. Ribbon should stop once it reaches the opening.
7. Line the clip with hot glue, stopping when you reach the opening.
8. Pulling tightly fold the ribbon over and press into place.

Now you can glue bows and other fun hair accessories to the top of the clip.


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