With Easter just around the corner I of course spent this past weekend getting a box of goodies ready to send my favorite little lady in Texas. The one and only Madelyn James. Madelyn's love for Minnie is now a full blown obsession, she refuses to wear anything without Minnie or Minnie bows on it. Her mother as you can imagine isn't to thrilled about this. To indulge this obsession I sent her a box filled with Minnie Mouse goodies. Minnie bubbles, Minnie earrings, a light up Minnie necklace, a Minnie cup, Minnie stickers, homemade Minnie hair bows and my favorite Minnie Easter eggs. I saw a post on pinterest and had to make them for her. They were really simple, find easy DIY steps below. I also ran across some really cute printed burlap ribbon at hobby lobby and topped the basket with it. I'm excited to find something else to do with it since I now have three rows.

DIY Minnie Mouse Easter Eggs

-pink plastic Easter eggs
-blue tape
-black spray paint
-white paint
-paint brush
-black buttons
-hot glue

Step 1.
Completely cover the bottom half of your pink eggs in blue tape.

Step 2.
Using the black spray paint, paint the top half of your egg black and let dry.

Step 3.
Remove the blue tape from the bottom half of your egg. Using the bottom of your paint brush and white paint make polka dots on the pink part of your egg and let dry.

Step 4.
Using a small amount of hot glue, but enough to secure the buttons, glue on the black buttons to the black part of your egg to make Minnie's ears.

I wish I had time to add bows but it wasn't going to happen and make it to Texas in time. My Minnie eggs are now on their way to Texas for my favorite little lady!

Happy Easter Maddie James!!!

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