Let it be said that when it comes to parenting I think Candi is a saint.  This woman is patient, loving, not afraid of a mess, and believes that kids should be allowed to be kids.  Last time I visited her house I was in awe of the life she has created with her husband, their daughter Maecy is so loved.  Everywhere you look there are art projects, paintings, beautiful family photos, books, and toys.  

This a home full of love and it reminds me so much of my childhood.  Our home was not fancy, we didn't have the nicest things, the newest gadget, and everything was not always in its place.  But we were beyond loved and anyone who came to visit could see that.  Every single yearbook photo was hung on the wall, our school art projects cluttered the shelves, the fridge was full of pictures, in the backyard was a two story playhouse our family built themselves, the kitchen table was worn out and full of dings from years of wear, the ceiling in my parents bedroom will forever have a hot pink "haha" written across it from a silly string fight, the garage is permanently dented from one to many games of swing set kick ball, and the noise level was at a constant 10.  At the time I was convinced our family was weird but looking back now it was a childhood I am grateful for.  One that many people miss out on and one most dream of.  

So today in honor of Candi "Mommy Extraordinaire" I wanted to share with you one of Maecy's most recent projects, a birthday gift for her dad.  A little paint, a blank canvas, and lots of fun and love made this the perfect birthday gift.  

White Canvas
Sticker Letters
Finger Paint (NOTE: Candi used crayola washable paints)

Place your sticker letters where you would like on the canvas.  Be sure to firmly rub each letter, making sure to get the edges. Paint away using as many colors as you wish.  Let dry overnight and remove the stickers.  

NOTE: If you are using washable paint you will need to seal your canvas.
2/5/2017 11:23:23 pm

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