When a box I was expecting from my mother arrived and was six times the size it should have been, I knew my mother was up to no good. As I opened the box I noticed some ornaments wrapped in an insane amount of fluffy white batting. This huge box contained a few ornaments, two stockings, and some Dunkin Donuts Kcups....score! I stood there shaking my head wondering what had possessed her to use so much batting and such a huge box. I mean I know this was my childhood stocking but this was beyond over kill. Then I found it. There in the bottom of the box under all the batting was a snowman head and hat. I laughed so hard I almost cried because instantly I knew what it was. My mother had mailed me her version of a melted snowman. Of course I couldn't wait until Scott got home so I could dance around with the head in the living room and wait for him to guess what my crazy mother had sent me now.

My mom was hoping I would put it in my front yard. Get it? A melted Michigan snowman on my California front lawn!?!? Needless to say it rained all weekend so I cleared a coffee table and there it remains. It's actually pretty cute if I must say so myself. Also I heard my aunt almost had a mental breakdown trying to glue snow onto the head so the thought of it getting wet and ruined may just send her to her grave. Here are some photos my mom took while making it!

Melted Snowman Supplies:
8in styrofoam ball
1in wooden circles x 5 for smile
1 1/2in wooden circles x 2 for eyes
Black paint
Plastic carrot for the nose
Small screws x 8
E6000 glue
Top hat (you can add ribbon, leaves and berries)
Tacky adhesive spray
Frosty plastic snow

She painted the wooden discs black. She Then used the E6000 glue to glue the screws to the back of the eyes, smile, and carrot. While that dried she sprayed the styrofoam ball with tacky spray to attach the fake snow. WARNING this may take a few minutes so find your mental "happy place" before attempting. She adorned the top hat with some ribbon, glittered leaves, and berries. Once everything was dried she added the eyes, nose, and smile to the snowman head. I added the ribbon to him because I felt like he looked a little plain.
12/4/2012 03:52:01 am

Very cute Sally!!!! What a great mom you have Katie!!!! I miss being in MI around crafty people. The people I know around here just aren't into crafts like we were. I'm still crafting though and my co-workers enjoy the results and keep telling me I need to open a shop. Enjoy the holidays!!!!!

joe ann moore
11/15/2013 02:16:01 am

I love this, your mom has a good sense of humor


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