I love to make chocolate covered popcorn around the holidays. Things have been so hectic around here lately I feel like I haven't been able to do any crafting or baking in awhile. Today was a rare day where I only had one job to go to, which in my book is considered a day off! After I was done teaching this morning I decided to come home and make this for Scott's pd. It was a quick and easy recipe with very little mess, a winner in my eyes. It was quick even considering that due to an incident last year where I melted the blender...that's right MELTED...and I haven't broke down and bought a food processor yet...I crushed the 24 Oreos into a fine dust by hand. :)  It was so addicting, I was happy to package it up and get it out of the house instead of buying new pants!  The white and black from the popcorn looked so cute with an orange and black ribbon, great for Halloween.

Oreo Popcorn
1 bag white popcorn
12 Oreos crushed - some larger pieces are ok
6 oz. white chocolate or vanilla candy coating

1. Pop popcorn and tap the bag when finished, causing un-popped kernels to fall to the bottom of the bag.
2. Transfer popcorn to a bowl, making sure to avoid un-popped kernels.
3. Mix in crushed Oreos.
4. Melt chocolate or candy coating. (Stovetop, microwave, or oven)
5. Using a rubber spatula mix chocolate with the popcorn/Oreo mixture.
6. Once the chocolate is evenly distributed lay popcorn on a sheet of wax paper in a single layer.
7. Be sure to move your popcorn around every 5-10 minutes to prevent big popcorn clumps.
8. Once the chocolate is hard....Enjoy!
Naturally I made Scott take these to work in a bat bowl...only to embarrass him further!  But it was so cute!

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