This blog post is dedicated to staying hydrated and looking pretty while doing it, confused yet?

I love frozen yogurt, and one of my favorite things about going to get frozen yogurt is their water.  Seriously?  Yes I am totally serious, they usually have ice cold water with fruit in it.  I've become completely obsessed with it, not only because it tastes good but because it's so pretty!

Now I put out a beautiful pitcher of it at any party or get together.  It looks gorgeous sitting on a table with all the bright colors.  The possibilities for infused water are endless! 

Since it's getting warmer I thought I would share a few of my favs with you.  Happy Hydrating!

Blackberry & Mint by Style Blueprint.
Watermelon Water by Muy Bueno.
Blueberry Lemon Fizz by Riches to Rags.
Strawberry Basil by A Beautiful Mess.
Fruit Infused Water Station at a Party by 6th Street Design School.
Strawberry Cucumber Water by The Pink Couch.
Kiwi, Lime, & Mint Infused Water by The Wedding Chicks.
Pineapple & Sage by Your Southern Peach.
Peach Mint Water by The Pink Couch.

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