After seeing so many cute wrapping ideas on Pinterest I really thought about doing some fancy wrapping this year. Then December approached and like every other year things all of a sudden got crazy. I decided this year I did not want to stress about every little detail and instead wanted to have a much more "simple" approach to the holidays. Even when I was shopping I didn't spend hours wracking my brain for the perfect gift. Instead I just enjoyed walking through the stores and finding something that made me think of someone and something I thought they might enjoy.

I decided to use kraft wrapping paper with a simple design. Instead of ribbon I opted for using tulle. I've been a huge fan of tulle since I used it to make a bow on a wine bottle last year. For tags I grabbed some simple glitter tags from target, which I love and think add a little something to the "simple" wrapping. Needless to say I'm obsessed! I love the pop of color each package gets from the tags.

Cheers to enjoying the simple pleasures!

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