Confession: To this day my hands down favorite ice cream is a soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles.  Before I moved to LA I used to order these cones with "eyes".  That's right you read it correctly eyes.  Sugar eyes staring back at me from a ice cream sprinkled mess. 

Perhaps even more embarrassing is my refined sprinkle palate.  I like my rainbow sprinkles to have a little crunch to them but not so much as to be confused with non-parelis.  It's jimmies all the way my friends.  There is a specific brand that I love, Mr. Sprinkles, which I cannot find anywhere on the west coast.  Thanks to my mother I now have a lifetime supply.  Come doomsday my house will be feasting on sprinkles and canned goods.

This blog post is dedicated to my childhood love, rainbow sprinkles. 
Soft serve ice cream cone & rainbow sprinkles from Pinterest.
Cake Batter Martinis by How Sweet it is.
The famous Magnolia Bakery hand colored sprinkles.
Sprinkle lined vase by tikkido.
Sprinkle donuts by Ohlalaland.
Ombre sprinkle nails by College Fashion, using Ciate' caviar nail polish.
Cake batter pancakes with sprinkles by How sweet it is.
DIY colored sprinkles by Such Pretty Things.
Sprinkle ring by stoopidgerl.
Homemade Sprinkles by TheKitchn.
Sprinkle pretzels by Savory Notes.
Sprinkle cake by Raspberri cupcakes.
Cupcake ATM by Sprinkles.
Thanks for the idea Sandy!  Instead of tossing rice at a wedding toss sprinkles by pinterest.
7/28/2012 01:17:50 am

Also saw on Pinterest to use sprinkles instead of rice at a wedding. Adds color to your pictures.

7/28/2012 06:18:45 am

Sandy what a great idea, I had to add it to the blog post! Tossing sprinkles on the bride and groom would be such a gorgeous picture!


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