Anyone with a pinterest account has seen something covered in moss hanging goregously at a wedding, on a door, or displayed on a table. Crafters around the country rejoiced at the sight of these and now probably have their very own moss covered hanging displayed somewhere throughout their house. Mine just so happens to be a Valentine's Day heart. Aside from making a small mess it may have been the easiest and quickest craft I've ever made.

In other big news I had my FIRST Hobby Lobby expierence. I was "that" person aimlessy walking around in awe. In fact I was in such a state of shock that I actually only walked the perimiter of the store for about an hour. As a first timer I was trying to get my bearings but instead I ended up making a trip after trip across the store, to one side for burlap, forgot the scrapbook paper back to the other side again, and of course there were many spur of the moment purchases. All in all I am hooked! Great prices, almost anything you could ever need, great finds for a new homeowner, and just another place that crafters like me can aimlessy walk and think of the possibilites.

Moss Heart Hanging - Instructions

- Moss Mat (don't bother with the loose'll thank me later)
- Shape of your choice (I used a stiff felt heart, for a more two dimensional look use the cardboard paper mache letters & shapes, alos a wooden cut out would work.)
- Hot Glue
- Tulle or Ribbon to hang

Step 1.
Unfold your moss mat and carefully lay it upside down.

Step 2.
Lay your design upside down on the mat and trace around it.

Step 3.
Using a pair of "not nice/not your favorite scissors" cut your shape out.

Step 4.
If you are using a two dimensional shape you will need to trace the sides to cut pieces to cover them.

Step 5.
Using hot glue, glue the moss mat to your object. I glued half of my heart from the back then flipped it over and glued the other half. This was helpful in ensuring I covered each half with enough glue before it hardened.

Step 6.
Glue ribbon or tulle to the back and tie in a bow.

TA-DA...done! Now you'll just need to spend a minute cleaning up the moss that has fallen off.

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