The studio I teach at was having a Christmas party and was looking for a craft to do. We wanted a simple and cute craft that was not to time consuming. We decided on thumbprint ornaments, snowman and reindeer. This left us plenty of time to play Christmas freeze dance with glow in the dark necklaces! These would make a great handmade gift for family and friends. I ended up making some with my nieces and nephew the day after and giving them to their mom to use as gifts this year.

Plain ornament balls
Arcrylic paint (white & brown)
Paint Pens (black, white, red, orange, and any other colors you'd like)
Paint brushes

Paint your little ones thumbs with a good layer of paint. Pressing gently push straight down onto the ornament, leaving a nice thumbprint. Allow plenty of time to dry, although it doesn't take long. After its dried add hats, scarves, eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Add eyes, nose, and antlers for your reindeer. Some of the kids got very creative and added snowflakes.

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