I was going to start this blog off by telling you how much I love baker's twine.  Followed by telling you I'm slightly obsessed with it.  Then I realized I say that about everything.  I can't help it I'm a craft whore.  I dream of the day I have a craft room where there is one cabinet dedicated to beautiful rows of colorful baker's twine. 
Hey, a girl can dream.

Here are some craft ideas I found using baker's twine.  Have any ideas, share them with me!
Baker's twine easter eggs by LandeeSeeLandeeDo.
Lollipop card by J. Day Designs.  

This card is absolutely adorable, it will take .5 seconds after my mother sees this card before she is digging through her pantry for bakers twine to make a set of cards.  
Multi-color lollipop card from Bling it on by Darla Weber.
Bakers twine gift wrap by Black White side by side.
Baker's twine gift wrap by The Letter Lady.
Banner made using baker's twine by Holly Dolly.
Wedding escort cards hung from bakers twine by The Knotty Bride.
Baker's twine wrapped jars by Holly Dolly.
Baker's twine wreath by Buckets of Grace.
Baker's twine tassel by Momtastic.
Baker's twine butterfly card by The Twinery.
Baker's twine crocheted flowers by Crescendoh.com
Check out all these colors available at The Twinery.
Halloween Twine by Timeless Twin available at Bella Creationz.

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