I have a serious love for pilates, even just the mat classes.  In each class I take I can really focus on one particular muscle and work on engaging my core the whole time.  Although it kicks my butt it is one of the only "fitness" classes I ever take and look forward to going to every time.

Last week I got the chance to sport one of the new Ladies Craft Night shirts at class.  Just wearing this shirt and working out at the same time made me feel so empowered.  Such a great way to start off a Saturday morning, and look cute doing it!
Ladies Craft Night Apparel
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This is my FAVORITE place to take pilates in the valley.  It's a great atmosphere, no egos just hard work.  The owner Connie is so nice and gives a great work out. 

The Absolute
Woodland Hills, CA
(818) 226-0695

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