Last year Marissa and I made more snowman earrings than I even want to remember! Please see the photo below of Maddie James being super helpful during all the snowman fun. This year I wanted to make some new earrings, just maybe a few less pairs.

Sometime last year I saw a pair of wire christmas tree earrings that I liked. After a bit of research I found some instructions online by Jewelry Lessons. You can download their instructions for free, click here. A trip to the bead store and some digging in the jewelry kit my mom gave me a few christmas's ago I had all the supplies I needed. Although I varied a bit from the instructions and used 22 gauge wire with 4mm crystals. After spending alot of time annoyed I eventually got the hang of it. I finally gave in and used a bit of zap-a-gap glue to secure the beads in place.

Great handmade gift idea for the holidays!

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