Scott & I have been engaged for almost a year now and the wedding plans are coming along...LIE!  Actually there are not many plans other than we have our location, a family barn located in Michigan.  I did a little dress shopping and was "wedding inspired" a feeling I'm sure will quickly pass.  It's very odd how into other weddings I can get but when it comes to my own I want little to do with it.  The thought of everyone staring at me as I walk down the aisle makes me want to break out in hives.  Needless to say I found a cute craft on pinterest that I thought would look gorgeous in the barn and had all the needed materials already on hand.  Let the crafting begin!

Thank you to A Place For Us for providing the idea and instructions.  I followed her steps to the letter and it was a very simple process!  For an array of flowers I played around with the number of petals and the shape of each flower.  Instead of leaving them a natural brown I wanted to go for a more polished, antique look so I used a little gold spray paint.  The end result was beautiful.  I was amazed at how the gold spray paint looked on the brown paper bags, not too gold just a enough to give it a golden shimmer.  Since I've already started decorating for the holiday season I added these to my mirror.  The brown paper next to my lighted rustic JOY sign matched perfectly!
After a long day I pulled into the driveway and there on my porch was a very large box.  I wasn't expecting anything and didn't recognize who it was from.  My initial thought what "oh s*#$ what NOW".  Growing up the ginger haired baby of the family, automatically assuming I'm guilty of something is second nature to me because typically I was indeed guilty!  Quickly I whipped out my pink swiss army knife key chain, wasting no time of course, and cut into the box.  After a quick trip for a bandaid as a result of my skill-less knife skills I was into the box.  As soon as I saw the color I instantly knew what it was, vintage mason jars.  Of course I also knew who they were from, my mom.  I have wanted these for so long and just never ran across them.

The very next day I headed out to buy some flowers to fill them with and set out on my table.  They were stunning.  The bright flowers in the simply beautiful mason jar was a perfect addition to my rustic dining room table.  Please tell me it's normal to have over 20 photos of flowers in mason jars on your phone.  Please also tell me it's normal to look at them at least once a day and smile?  It's official I'm turning into my mother, only a much more tech savy version of her.  

Happy SPRING, Enjoy!
One day last week as I
In my desperate search for some Easter decorations that don't involve plastic bunnies and chicks covered in tinsel I ran across these beautiful egg shells filled with flowers.  I love how simple and modern they look especially in terms of Easter decor. I was excited to find some white egg cups at Cost Plus World Market to put my freshly glittered and planted shells.  A great DIY Easter decoration that is keeping it classy!

If your interested in making your own eggs planters there is a great video below which will show you how to blow your eggs out.  Check out some of my egg shell planter inspirations below!

Wash & dry eggs.  Following instructions from the youtube video below, blow out your eggs.  Rinse and let dry.  Crack and remove the top portion of your egg shell, leaving and opening big enough to plant your flowers.  Using small flowers or plants carefully plant your flowers in the egg shells.  

Another options is to us some white glue to close the pin hole in the bottom of your egg shell and use this shell as a vase.  Fill with water and add your favorite flowers!

Note: I used Modge Podge and glitter to add a little sparkle to my shells!
You may remember seeing some of our earlier posts from our grand opening where the ladies made twine wreaths. Well twine is back but in Valentine's Day fashion. My sister Jamie made this wreath for the Valentine's Day and I had to share!

This wreath is wrapped with twine the same way as our other twine wreaths then adorned with felt hearts and finished with another layer of twine in an argyle pattern. I love the simplicity of the twine and think the hearts add a pop of color, giving it the perfect Valentine's Day touch without looking like a holiday pile of barfed hearts and glitter! Great DIY Valentine's Day decoration just in time for the holiday!
Anyone with a pinterest account has seen something covered in moss hanging goregously at a wedding, on a door, or displayed on a table. Crafters around the country rejoiced at the sight of these and now probably have their very own moss covered hanging displayed somewhere throughout their house. Mine just so happens to be a Valentine's Day heart. Aside from making a small mess it may have been the easiest and quickest craft I've ever made.

In other big news I had my FIRST Hobby Lobby expierence. I was "that" person aimlessy walking around in awe. In fact I was in such a state of shock that I actually only walked the perimiter of the store for about an hour. As a first timer I was trying to get my bearings but instead I ended up making a trip after trip across the store, to one side for burlap, forgot the scrapbook paper back to the other side again, and of course there were many spur of the moment purchases. All in all I am hooked! Great prices, almost anything you could ever need, great finds for a new homeowner, and just another place that crafters like me can aimlessy walk and think of the possibilites.

Moss Heart Hanging - Instructions

- Moss Mat (don't bother with the loose'll thank me later)
- Shape of your choice (I used a stiff felt heart, for a more two dimensional look use the cardboard paper mache letters & shapes, alos a wooden cut out would work.)
- Hot Glue
- Tulle or Ribbon to hang

Step 1.
Unfold your moss mat and carefully lay it upside down.

Step 2.
Lay your design upside down on the mat and trace around it.

Step 3.
Using a pair of "not nice/not your favorite scissors" cut your shape out.

Step 4.
If you are using a two dimensional shape you will need to trace the sides to cut pieces to cover them.

Step 5.
Using hot glue, glue the moss mat to your object. I glued half of my heart from the back then flipped it over and glued the other half. This was helpful in ensuring I covered each half with enough glue before it hardened.

Step 6.
Glue ribbon or tulle to the back and tie in a bow.

TA-DA...done! Now you'll just need to spend a minute cleaning up the moss that has fallen off.
I was blown away this Christmas at all the handmade goodies my family made for eachother as gifts. My cousin John by far out did us all. There is just an overwhelming feeling of love that comes along with a handmade gift. I am always amazed that someone would take the time and effort to make something just for me.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you that my niece, Madelyn James, has completely stolen my heart. There is nothing I love more than spending some time running around, screaming, and being crazy with my little peanut! This Christmas my mom and sister made me one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever recieved. It was a framed picture made by cutting circles of Madelyn's first fingerpainting. Last Christmas I bought Maddie a set of fingerpaints. When we pulled them out and started painting Maddie was a little wary of the texture but eventually started having some fun with it. However I think she had more fun squeezing all the paint out of the bottles ranther than painting.

What a great way to save and display childrens artwork? They cut her painting into circles, then using those circles created a design on black cardstock. After they finished they matted and framed the artwork. I LOVE IT!!! It's already displayed proudly in my living room.
My sweet Maddie boo and her first finger painting project, December 2011.
The wait is finally over my homemade vanilla is done and ready to use. It was so fulfilling to open those bottles and smell that sweet creamy vanilla smell.

I found a couple of free printable Homemade Vanilla labels online but wasn't able to make them work with really cute Martha Stewart labels I bought at Staples. Yes it's true Martha is now EVERYWHERE, grocery stores, office supplies stores, and craft stores. There was a huge selection of labels in her line at staples. Labels that were dishwasher safe and perfect for canning, removable adhesive labels, and an array of colors, shapes and sizes. I was beyond excited to find kraft paper labels, these were the ones I decided on. After many attempts at trying to make one of the pre-designed labels fit I finally chose my sanity over a trendy homemade vanilla label design. After a slight meltdown over wireless printers and printer cartridges I was able to complete my labels, and I love them. If you could have seen the care I took in cleaning each bottle before applying the label you would have died laughing. One thing remains clear...I need a life!  

Here is the link to my original post with instructions included, click here.

Vanilla beans from Beanilla
4oz amber bottles from Rose Mountain Herbs
Labels from Martha Stewart Office (available at Staples)

Note: I used 3 bottles of 750ml bottles of vodka and got 17 4 oz bottles of vanilla from them.  I did have to dump some vodka out when I put the vanilla beans in the jar.  Next time I would transfer the vodka and beans to mason jars.

Below are some links to the free labels templates I found:
Style Me Pretty
Marry This
Live Laugh Rowe
Simply Notable

I made this ribbon yo yo headband for Maya to go with her Candy Corn Onesie. There were some ribbon yo yo's left over so I attached them to her onesie for some added flare. These are so easy to make and look great on hairclips, bows, headbands, or ponytail elastics. Great way to make some cute handmade holiday hair accessories for your little ones.

Ribbon Yo Yo Headband

- Grosgrain Ribbon (4-6 inches)
- Needle & Thread (color matched to ribbon)
- Scissors
- Lighter

1. Cut your ribbon to your desired length, doesn't need to be very long.
2. Using the lighter quickly run along the ends of your ribbon. This will seal the ends and prevent them from fraying.
3. Thread your needle and knot the end.
4. Starting with the designed side of your ribbon weave the needle in and out of the ribbon along one side.
5. Scrunch the ribbon together tightly.
6. Turn your yo yo over, take your needle through the other end of the ribbon to attach both ends together, you should now have a circle.
7. Pull tight and knot off your thread.
8. Cut any extra thread off.

Now using hot glue you can attach this to a lined alligator clip, for instructions on lined clips see our tutorial here, or attach to a head band. For a double yo yo, create a second yo yo using a smaller width ribbon and the two yo yo's together.

If you've been on pinterest lately you couldn't miss the adorable Candy Corn Onesie by The Swell Life that has been pinned a thousand times.  As soon as I saw it I knew that it was a must for Maddie's fall wardrobe.  I made a t-shirt for Maddie and a onesie for her little friend Maya along with a cute headband, directions coming soon.  I only ruined one onesie before I was able to figure it out.  For the instructions click here.

Katie's Tips:
*Make sure to ring out your shirt or onesie.  If it's too wet the dye is more likely to spread quicker and father.
*The dye is going to travel, make your orange band first and wait a few minutes before dying your yellow band.  Start off with a smaller band, you can always add more dye. 
*Buy the one step dye kits, they are so easy and there is no mess to clean up!
*When drying lay not hang over a sink like I did.  The dye will continue to travel and ruin yet another shirt or onesie.  
*Buy an extra shirt/onesie :)

Finally!!!  The pumpkin wreath kits are ready and available through our store.  Typically I'm not really a huge fan of cheesy holiday decor but I must say these are fun without looking corny.  Create your own Poly Mesh Pumpkin wreath just in time for fall.  The kits have all the supplies you need to create a 20" x 20" pumpkin wreath, including instructions.  Click here to visit our store.

Kit List:
Orange Mesh
Green Mesh (3 shades)
Wire Wreath Frame (with custom center)
Chenille Stems (orange & green) 
Glitter Sticks
Step by Step Instructions

Here's a photo from a recent Ladies Craft Night hosted party in Michigan.  The ladies had a great time and their wreaths turned out beautiful.  Great idea for a Ladies Craft Night of your own!